Volicon Encoders will not provide video output. Investiagation reveals that the host Probe's c:\Video Storage Array is full.

Most Volicon Probes have their video storage on a RAID array attached as a folder to the c:\ drive as "Video". If this array becomes full, new video records cannot be created and playback in Observer will not be available. 


The recommended way to determine if this array has no available space is to open File Explorer, right click on the c:\Video folder, and use Properties to display its available space.


This is usually caused by either:

  • The system has not correctly purged expired video recordings or there are a number of non-video files in this location
  • The storage array was used as a location for files other than video records

Keep in mind that many of these systems were built very close to original specifications, so changes in Encoder History Depth or Output resolution can exhaust the available storage space.


It will be necessary to groom the system of non-video records. In some cases the database Data folder is at this location. It would be recommended to not remove any files from here.


It is recommended to reindex the storage array so out of date recordings can be purged.  To do this:

  1.  On the Probe, open Probe Manager
  2.  Right Click on Observer Encoder > Select Tools > Click on Storage Maintenance
  3.  In the Storage Manager WIndow that opens up, select ReIndex All
  4. You'll get a confirmation prompt, then another box will ask - "Would you like to stop the encoder service for faster indexing?" If the encoders are not currently working, it would be recommended to answer Yes to increase the speed of the process. Otherwise you can answer No.

This process might take up to several hours to complete. Following are screen shots to illustrate these steps.


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