How to add or update Audio Channels to an Encoder in Volicon. How to use the Audio Profiler Tool in Volicon

If it is necessary to change or update the audio channels for an encoder, the Audio Profile will need to be update sing the Audio Profiler tool in the Probe Manger.


To do this:
1. On the Probe, right click on the Probe Manager icon, and select run as Administrator.
2. Find the name of the Encoder's Audio profile by clicking on the Encoder, then highligihting "Audio Settings > Audio streams device". On the right hand side of the pane, will appear a box with ellipses (...) following "(Collection)". Click on this to open the "AudioSource Collection Editor". The "Profile File name" will be displayed here. Note this name and cancel the Editor.
3. Right click on "Observer Encoder", select "Tools > Audio Profiler". 
4. This will launch a new window for the Audio Profiler. There is a drop down field to choose the Audio Profile to edit. This will open the Audio Profile in the center pane with "channels" on the left hand side and "pins" on the right hand side. You can drag from the desired channel to a pin to create a connection. You'll then be prompted to select the type of audio connection.
5. Once the desired channels are connected to a pin, it would be recommended to use File > Save as to create a new profile. This is recommended since Audio Profile files can be used by more than one encoder.
6. To update the encoder with the new audio profile, go back to the location outlined in step 2, and select the new Audio Profile File. Save these changes by clicking ok in the AudioSource Collection Editor, then "Save" in the Probe Manager.

For these changes to take effect it will be necessary to restart the Encoder.


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