Volicon Observer/Video Streams are not accessible from a Public/WAN Address

Most Volicon Central Servers and Probes are configured on internal networks that cannot be accessed through Public/WAN IP addresses, so it would not be possible to access or view video outside the network.

To provide users access outside of internal networks, it is necessary to provide Public Routable IP Addresses for the Volicon systems.

This will require for the Central Server and each Probe to have its own Public IP assignment configured for access through Network Address Translation (NAT). A Network Administrator and/or Internet Service Provider (ISP) will need to provide the Public IP address for each system and configure the necessary routing.

Once the Public IP addresses and and NAT are set up, each Volicon Probe can be configured for Users to access Video Streams by:

1. In Observer, click on the gear icon at the top right hand and select Configuration
2. Make sure Encoders is selected on the left margin
3. In the middle, click the Probe to be configured, and make sure "Probe" is highlighted above in the slide that appears
4. In the field "WAN IP" change the value to the Public/WAN address for the probe machine
5. Click "Save" in the bottom right of the screen. A green banner should appear at the top that the setting changes were saved.

During testing it may be necessary to change the "Support DHCP" setting.

Please note the below screen shot is for version 9, but other versions will appear similarly and follow the same steps as above.


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