Continuous Export Jobs for Volicon 8.1 or later, fail and have a status of pending and have an error message "Fail to connect to Remote Server"

Continuous Export Jobs show as Pending status and will display error messages similar to the following:

- "Fail to connect to Remote Server"

- "Fetch encoder specification failed. A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or attempted connection failed because connected host has failed to respond."


This message indicates that the Content Export Module (CEM) cannot communicate with the Central Server (CS).

1. From the Central Server host make sure that there is no firewall blocking connections from ports 88 or 4300. All ports to be configured for firewall exceptions can be found in the Admin Guide for each version at

2. On the CEM:
- Make sure the Firewall is not blocking outgoing or incoming connections on ports 88 or 4300
- Ensure the NGINX service is running in Windows Services. You can also open a web browser to the IP address of the CEM host and port 88. For example You should see the following message in the browser


Additional tools such as the following can be used from each machine to determine if appropriate communication is possible between the CS and CEM:
- telnet
- Powershell: test-netconnection
- netcat
- PortQry


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