How to set up a Volicon Encoder to start with Silent Audio Channels

Volicon Encoders will not start when there is a silent Audio track. The following procedure can be used to configure the Encoder to start if there is a silent audio track. This is most often used if the Blind and Visually Impaired dialog track is enabled on a channel stream.

1. Identify the Program ID and Stream ID in the Media Hub of a track listed as "(No Payload)"
2. In Probe Management, Open the Encoder Settings for the indicated Encoder
3. Select "Audio Settings" > "Audio stream device" > "..." to open the AudioSource Collection Editor. The audio stream without Payload will be excluded from collection.
4. Click on Add at the bottom left. The audio track "Without Payload" will be listed and should be selected.
5. Set "Close Gaps" to True in the available drop down
6. Set the value for "TS PID" to the same value as displayed following "ID:" in the Name field. This will be the same value as the Program ID from step 1.
7. In the Output Settings it will be necessary to set "Enable Alerting" to False since the Audio track will be largely silent.

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