How Do You Stop and Start an Encoder?


How do you stop and start an encoder? 


These steps will show you how to stop and start the Observer Encoder service and Mediahub Service to ensure the encoder is functioning as intended.  These steps are performed on the Probe/Scout servers.

  1. Connect into the server via Remote Desktop (RDP) or how every you access the server.

  2. Locate the Probe Manager on the desktop and right click on the Probe Manager and select Run as Administrator.

  3. Once the Probe Manager has loaded, right click on Observer Encoder and select Stop Service.  The green icon will change to red once the service is stopped.

  4. Once the Observer Encoder service has stopped, click on Volicon Mediahub Management (New) and you will be asked "Would you like to connect to the local MediaHub service?" click Yes.


  5. The MediaHub(s) will populate, select MediaHub #1 adn then click on Stop Service in the far right panel for Actions.


  6. Now that the services are stopped, you can restart them back up but in reserve order.  Start the service for MediaHub #1, you'll notice the Action you previously saw as Stop Service has changed to Start Service.  This is a good way to indicate whether the service was stopped or not.


  7. Once the MediaHub service has started up, you can right click on the Observer Encoder service and select Start Service.  The red icon will turn to green once the service is started.  Please expand Observer Encoder to make sure all the individual encoders started up properly.  They also should have green icons like the Observer Encoder.  If they do not start up properly, please contact support for further assistance.


Volicon Observer Probe Manager Observer Encoder Start Stop Restart MediaHub

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