How Do You Export a Bookmark?


How Do You Export a Bookmark? 


Once you have created a bookmark, you may want to export/download that bookmark to your local computer.  Please follow these instructions on how to perform that process.

  1. Log in to your Observer web interface

  2. Locate your Bookmarks on the left menu. (Icons may vary depending on the version of Observer you have.)


  3. Locate the Bookmark you would like to export, hover your mouse pointer over it and an Edit and Delete options should appear.  Click on the Edit option.

  4. You will now be presented with the Bookmark and on the far right is the "Tracks" menu.  Hover your mouse point over the entry and you should be presented with an Export Track and Delete Track options.  Select the Export Track option.


  5. You will now be presented with the Export page.  You have many options here, exporting the video and closed captions are two separate tasks.  If you need both, perform your export on the Video and then click on Closed captions and then perform the export of the closed captions.


  6. If you are exporting the video, you will be presented with a link once it is ready for download.  If you are exporting the closed captions, it will automatically download directly to your computer.


NOTE: Closed Captions export supports the following File types:

  • TXT
  • DFXP
  • SMI
  • SRT


Volicon Observer Bookmark Export Closed Captions Subtitles TXT DFXP SMI WEBVTT SRT

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