How to Fix Chrome Full Screen issue in 9.2


How to fix Chrome full screen issue in Observer 9.2


In newer versions of Google Chrome, the full screen button may be not responsive.  In order to fix this issue, you will need access to the Central Server.  This will also fix issues with split screen and Picture-In-Picture (PIP).

  1. Log into the Central Server.

  2. Browse to the following folder: C:\Program Files\Volicon\observer\htdocs\bundles

  3. Open in a text editor

  4. Find this line of code.

    elem[request](keyboardAllowed && Element.ALLOW_KEYBOARD_INPUT);

  5. Replace the line of code with this one.

    elem[request](keyboardAllowed ? Element.ALLOW_KEYBOARD_INPUT : {});

  6. Save the file and close it.

  7. Make sure the user clears the browser cache/history after you have made this change.


Volicon Observer Google Chrome Full Screen Split Picture-In-Picture PIP

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