Remote Desktop Connection/Access Programs

On occasion, our Support team will request remote access to a server in order to troubleshoot issues.  For these connections, our preferred application to remote access a server is through LogMeInRescue (LMIR). 

Connections via this method require the user to navigate, using any browser, to a website ( and enter a 6 digit code provided by SnapStream Support.  A file will be downloaded and need to be run to start the remote session.  Controls are granted to the Support tech and chat is available for communication in the event a phone call is not possible or necessary.

Other available methods of connection, should LMIR be blocked or inaccessible, include:

- Zoom
- WebEx
- TeamViewer
- Blue Jeans

It is possible to use unlisted methods of remote connection, but they may not have been tested at this time.  If none of the above methods works for you, we would be happy to try any other method that is available on your network.


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