How can I use Active Directory Integration?


How can I use Active Directory Integration?


Active Directory integration is an optional module that you will need to license.  Once you have licensed the module, a support engineer will be needed to implement the settings.

Before the implementation can be done, there are some prerequisites that will need to be met before we can proceed.

  • The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Active Directory server is needed and preferred.

  • The Central Server's web server will need to be added to the domain that has access to the Active Directory server.

  • A domain user will be required that has a non-expiring password and can query the Active Directory server.

  • The Organization Units (OU's) from your Active Directory server are linked into the Observer software 1 to 1.  Please provide the support engineer a basic structure of the OU's you want to use.  More information about this is provided later in this article.

  • All Observer servers will need to be upgraded to the latest qualified build prior to the integration.

  • Configure all your client browsers to have the web server address in their intranet zone or Internet Explorer trusted zone.  

After all the prerequisites are met, you will need to perform some steps in the Observer software.

  1. Please log into the Observer web interface using your administrator account (local non-AD account) using this link: http://your_server/admin/.

  2. Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner and select Settings.

  3. On the left side, select the Roles icon (this list will vary depending on which version of the Observer software you are using)


  4. Roles in the Observer software is equivalent to "groups", so what you will need to do here is create identical Roles to match your Active Directory OU's you want to have access.  Click on the + sign and add your Roles.


  5. You will then want to set the permissions for the users once you have created the Role.  Please also click on Other settings and define the Concurrent videos settings, as by default there is no limit.  If an user belongs to multiple OU's/Roles, the Concurrent video setting with the highest number is used even if the Unlimited option is enabled.

Adding/removing users from your Active Directory will reflect in the Observer software.  Users will not show up in the Observer software until they log in for the first time..  If users are a part of multiple OU's/Roles, their permissions will be the sum of all permissions of those groups.


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