How to Resolve Windows 10 Client Issues


How to resolve Windows 10 Client issues? 


Windows 10 introduced many different issues that included unable to export, browsers (Internet Explorer) freezing, error messages involving "not enough memory".  The main issue is related to Internet Explorer running in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit operating system.  When Internet Explorer is used in this manner, it is allowed to use limited resources of your computer.  As time has gone by, the requirements of Observer required more resources to function properly on your computer.  Therefore, we recommend running Internet Explorer in 64-bit mode so it can access all your computer's resources.  Another recommended step to improve the user experience with the Observer software is to clear your browser's cache/history on a regular basis.

Set up Internet Explorer to run in 64-bit mode. (This step requires an Administrator of your computer to perform the installation.)

  1. Download the zip file at the bottom of the page named to your client system.

  2. Extract the zip file and then proceed to the folder you extracted the files to.

  3. Inside the extracted files, enter the SetIE64_All_Users -dotnet4 folder and then right click on IE64_Player.exe and select Run as Administrator.  Proceed through the installation until completion.

  4. Right click on the Windows icon and select Settings, Select Apps - Apps & features and then proceed to uninstall "observerlayersetup”.

  5. After you have uninstalled “observerlayersetup”, go back to the folder of the extracted files and locate IE 64.bat, right click on it and select Run as Administrator.

  6. Next, right click on ObserverPlayerSetup_64.exe and select Run as Administrator.  Proceed through the installation until completion.

  7. One more installation, right click on ObserverPlayerSetup.exe and select Run as Administrator.  Proceed through the installation until completion.

  8. After you have completed all those steps, you will need to restart the client system.

  9. After the client system comes back up, please log into the Observer web interface and view a stream and should function as intended.  If you are prompted with a dialog to install the player, one or more of the previous steps was not applied properly with Administrator privileges.

Once you have completed the steps to set up Internet Explorer to run in 64-bit mode, don't forget to perform the following steps to clear your web browser's cache/history.

Clear your web browser's cache/history.




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