How Do I Set Up Antivirus?


How do I set up antivirus?


Antivirus can be setup on the Observer servers, but please be aware that some settings will need to be changed in order for it to not interfere with the Observer software.  Antivirus software can also consume system resources that may cause potential issues with the Observer software 

  • Turn off all "on-access" scanning

  • Schedule virus definition updates and system scans to occur during low usage times.  Support technicians may be required to verify system functionality if a reboot of the servers are required.

  • Certain directories will need to be excluded from scans: (Directories vary upon the version of the Observer software, here are just some examples of the folders needed) 

    C:\ProgramData\MySQL Server 5.1\data
    C:\Program Files\Redis
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MysSQL
    C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.2
    C:\Program Files\Volicon

Please look at the Admin guides listed below for the correct directories that are needed for your version of the Observer software.

Previous Observer versions:



Volicon Observer Antivirus Exclude Directories Directory Scan

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